Industry 4.0 E-Talk

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Published On: May 26, 2020Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Industry 4.0 E-Talk

An online webinar was held on 23rd May as a part of e-Talk 2020 (an online guest lecture series) on the topic of Industry 4.0 by Mr. Sarang Ohol who is Director Sales-Emerging Markets with Salesforce. The talk began with an introduction of how the industry has transitioned from Industry 1.0 to Industry 4.0. Later, Mr. Sarang told students about the concept of Industry 4.0   such as IoT (Internet of Things), cyber-physical systems, Artificial Intelligence(AI), etc.

He mentioned the impact of Industry 4.0 in the European, American, Indian, and Chinese markets. The positive and negative impacts of Industry 4.0 were mentioned and the need for skill upgrade was stressed by him in his talk. He later provided detailed perspectives for Cloud Computing Services, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Data Centers, Robotics and Unmanned Vehicles, Additive Manufacturing, IoT Technology,5G Network, IT and ITes Service Sector. He also discussed the strategies adopted by top companies to enhance their revenue. He discussed the new technologies which were gaining momentum which include digitalization, blockchain, AI, autonomous technologies, remote automation, and digital twin. He also discussed the usage of technologies in the manufacturing and chemical sector.

Mr. Sarang encouraged students to ask questions and gave in-depth answers to the questions asked by students. This definitely helped students to understand how they can upskill and be industry ready in today’s world. The session was quite informative and helped students to gain a perspective with upcoming technologies, their applications as well as career paths to grow in the industry