Independence Cup 2017: Day 7

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Some cool weather greeted everyone with little bit of drizzling rain on the 7th day of Independence cup on 11th August, 2017 which proved to be a terrific day for sports and fun. The day was lined with number of sporting events. The event started with lots of energy for the football match between A division senior boys and D division junior boys which led to the victory of the senior boys.
The next set of match was volleyball between C senior boys and DSDA junior boys which was won by the senior boys with score being 15-12. Another set of volleyball match was between B junior boys and DSDA junior boys which was won by the DSDA boys by scoring 15-13.
After this a football match was played between D senior and C junior boys which was won by the senior boys by scoring 3 goals. Then came the time for girls to shine with their performance and it was truly an intense match between the D division senior and B division senior girls. Both the teams played well but the match was won by 22 runs by the D division girls.
The next set of boys cricket was scheduled from 7 pm. A passionate boys cricket match was played between the junior boys of B division and D division in which the D division boys won by 12 runs. The another match was played between A senior and DSDA boys in which the seniors ended up winning by 28 runs.
The last event of the day was football match which was scheduled at 10 pm between the teams of A junior and C junior boys. It was another passionate sport played between the teams which resulted in a tie of 2 for all.
The day ended on a high note with most of the teams getting qualified for the further events in coming days.