Independence Cup 2016- Day 4 (Great Players with Incredible Spirit)

By Administrator 123erty

There was something different about this day of Independence cup. It wasn’t just that it drew crowd but the spirit with which the players were playing the game. The rain, the failures and falls did not affect the players’ spirit and this was possibly one of the reasons why people were watching the match even in the rains.
The day started with the cricket match against D senior with C junior boys. The C junior boys opted for batting first and the target for the senior D boys was set to 24. The D senior boys won the match by hitting some amazing sixes and fours.
After the first cricket match, another cricket match was scheduled between Junior B and D boys and this match could be rated as the most enjoyed one with the crowd hooting and cheering and the players playing with their full spirit. The D junior boys opted for batting and made 82 runs in 8 overs. The Division B boys played very well while chasing the target and in the meanwhile it started raining quite heavily because of which the match was halted for a while. The batsman of B division in the end made few amazing sixes. The division D boys won the match but both the team played really well.
Then there was two cricket match for women scheduled. The first cricket match for women was between A junior and C junior and the girls showcased their potential through amazing bowling and batting. There were few clean bowled and few sixes amazingly hit by the girls. The C juniors won the game by fulfilling the target of 28 runs. The second match was between B and D juniors. The D juniors amazed the crowd by their bowling skills. The D juniors won the game.
After all the cricket matches, the match between women Senior Volley ball team and A+B volley ball juniors was scheduled. This match was the most awaited one. The junior team initially played well but in the end lost it to the seniors. The serve of juniors were stunning. The crowd did a lot of hooting and the competitive spirit was seen in this match.
Then the day almost came to an end with the last two football match left to be played. The rain and the wind created the quintessential ambience for playing football. All the football players were excited to the peak. The first football match was between C seniors and B juniors. Both the teams defended well but in the end C seniors made one goal and won the match.
The last match of the independence Cup day four was between A senior and D Junior. The players played with incredible spirit, few hilarious fall and kicks made the crowd laugh and giggle. The match was declared as draw.
While all these outdoor game was happening, there was chess matches held and the players played the game very strategically and won the match.
People tuned in to the 4th day of Independence Cup due to the wonderful athletes playing beautiful games even if how they played wasn’t always pretty. Independence cup is all about making unique emotional experiences both from players as well as the audience side. At the very least, this day showed a glimpse of a bright SCIT sports future.