How Voice will Change the Future- Forefront of Voice Revolution

By Administrator 123erty

To widen the horizons of technology in students and to give them a flavour of real business challenges our college had organized an e-Guest lecture on 29th August. The speaker was Mr. Nitin Sharma, head PMO, APAC – Talent Acquisition at Amazon and Former Hyderabad Site Lead for Alexa. Also, Mr. Sharma has 2 decades of rich experience in diverse fields like Hospitality, Banking, Operations, e-Commerce, etc. He addressed the students on the topic- “How voice will change the future – The Forefront of Voice revolution”.

The speaker talked about three major phases of technological revolution along with the inception of Amazon:

  1. The 90s- decade of the internet revolution and 1995 when Amazon was born. All big internet names like eBay, Yahoo, etc., started during this decade.
  2. The next decade, i.e. the 2000s- the rise of smartphone technology. The era galloped with “from the internet to smartphone”.
  3. Since 2014-15, the next revolution was seeded- “use of AI and Machine Learning technologies”, to analyze the usage or explore possibilities to enable better things around users.

He also spoke about Alexa’s journey; the importance of Voice and its revolution. In the last 2 years, Alexa has progressed from one device to multiple devices. The next big move of Amazon is to launch a fitness band. The speaker said that “The decade will belong to voice technology leaving the decade of text-type behind”. Moving from binary response to more conversation in nature with human intervention, he talked about multiple usages of voice technology in domains like Healthcare, Education, Transportation, Automobile- self-driving autonomous vehicles. He said that in the last five years Voice technology was in the experimentation stage and the next ten years would be a commoditization of this technology.

To sum up, based on his experience Mr. Sharma enlightened the students on the crucial role played by voice automation in the present time. He shared several fascinating anecdotes of his own journey as a corporate expert and urged the students to work hard to shape their dreams. Overall, it was a very informative and interactive session and the students found it truly beneficial.