Go Green Ganesha Workshop

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Today, we are in the age where going greener is appreciable for the health of our planet. Go Green Ganesha workshop was organized on 24th August 2019 at SIC to share the knowledge and art of moulding Lord Ganesha idol in an eco-friendly manner.

The chief instructor was Mrs. Mrunalini Patil mam who guided students with the entire process of moulding idol of Lord Ganesha. The other instructors were Mrs. Deepti Ingle and Mr. Manish Morankar. Required materials for creating the mould were provided to the students. The students were divided into groups to accomplish the task of moulding the idol.  The instructor initially taught the entire process and later asked the students to go ahead with the same. 

The students were provided sufficient time to go ahead with the entire moulding process for the idol. The process of creation of the idol was explained in detail with the required  steps to the students by the chief instructor. For many students, this was probably the first time to create an idol out of clay. However, the explanation provided by the chief instructor , would have definitely helped the students to go ahead with the task with a decent  level of confidence.

On a concluding note, this session could prove quite helpful for a student. Since in this era, being eco-friendly deserves appreciation. The students acquired a new skill which they can utilize as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility or other social responsibilities in future. As the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi is coming up in the next few days, the students have an opportunity to share the knowledge they gained  and ultimately play a small part for our country to go green as well as celebrate the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi is an eco-friendly way.

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