Gapping Generation Gap

By Administrator 123erty

Published On: July 28, 2013Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Gapping Generation Gap

“My child thinks I am her/his enemy.”, “My child is ashamed of me”, “Being ‘grown up’ isn’t all fun and games” are common complaints from parents while “I want my freedom”, “They don’t understand” are counter complaints from children about their parents. Parents complain their single day doesn’t go without their child screaming and storming out of the room while in their time they were not allowed to even raise voice to their parents!

The older generation worked on a very basic model where they found happiness in materialistic success. An entire lifetime was dedicated in hoarding the simple roti, kapada aur makaan. The young today, however, already have everything served on a plat & it’s causing all paradigm shifts of thoughts. Grown up has its attraction but it comes with responsibilities. Today teenagers want to party till late night but when it comes to morning classes it is different story. For parents it is become difficult to make their child understand that if they want to party hard then they need to work even harder. Possessiveness of parents also play equal role in this gap widening. Most parents tend to forget that babies do grow up someday and when the time comes, they must let them go and find their own way in the world.  Because of this two different directional pulling each side feels that other side is talking foreign language.

Communication is the only key. Both must talk about their issues and try to understand each other’s view point, otherwise this kind of gap will be keep growing exponentially in years to come!

Komal Vadukia MBA(ITBM) | SCIT( 2013-2015)