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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” This outlook unknowingly demands practical learning and Internship is something that can fulfil this demand of practical learning .The most important thing for millennial in a college is to find an internship to expose oneself with the ups and downs of professional life. Learning by doing is more valuable than learning through textbooks. And when internship is backed up with extra benefits of foreign exposure, it’s value surged. SCIT wanted its students to stand out, therefore developing them in all the aspects of the work front. Internship in Fujitsu is helping the students in not only providing insights into foreign work culture but also helping by teaching various things that can help them to get elevation in their career front easily.

Few students this year also went to Fujitsu for their internship program. They enumerated their experience and shared insights of the Japan’s work culture. One of the Intern, Shruti Singh elucidated that her internship was fun and kindness of people helped her a lot. Her internship was in Service Management 3. She added that the work ethics are something that one can actually learn from their work culture. She also mentioned that Japanese give utmost importance to work, time, discipline and punctuality which are acting as driving factors for their growth. She informed that she was a fresher and this internship has helped her in getting acquainted with work culture and more importantly latest technology which will provide her edge over other competitors with a surge in her career front that she is expecting. As per her: Determination, focus and eagerness to learn are are few required skills that one can actually learn from Japanese Work culture.

Similarly, the second intern also had good experience in Japan. Bithal Agarwal enunciated that his profile was totally technical where he was to automate vulnerability scanning process which was carried out manually till that time. He found Japanese people very welcoming for the new ideas and extremely supportive when someone is interested to pursue something new. For him, getting opportunity to work in Fujitsu was a wonderful experience. Exploring their work culture, their attitude towards working, transparency in working, working as a team and most importantly supporting nature at work have taught him a lot many things as far as techno-managerial skills are concerned. He mentioned that the support one gets is beyond enumeration. Adding to the same, he said that one of the lesson taught by his manager left a deep impact on his life and the lesson is ” What is next is of utmost significance”. He also mentioned that after this internship his self-concept has changed vastly. On career front, there are no domain constraints for him and on the secondary front, he has inculcated humbleness and empathy, the most demanding skills. For the candidates who are looking for internship outside India, he suggested them that “this is right platform for you as one will have enormous support and backing all the time” and at the same time one can solely develop oneself to the determined extent. He winded up by mentioning that henceforth in his career there will be no criticism, only motivation.

Priyanshu Upadhyay, the third intern, is a Data-Science student. This internship acted as a platform for him to practically apply what he has learnt so far. He elucidated different methods of image analysis that he learnt during his internship. Being from Engineering background, this internship helped him a lot in learning new things and application of the same. The only problem he faced during the span of 3 months was communication barrier but Google translator was his buddy all through. As per him, this internship has not only taught him the valuable lessons such as Dedication towards work, Ethical codes of conduct, learning as a process but also helped him in recognizing his self-potential and the extreme that he can go to. Learning new things and working out of comfort zone have helped him a lot in developing him overall. He suggested that one should definitely opt of internship outside India if they wanted to realize their true potential and worth. He ended by mentioning about his biggest learning which is balancing the work life.

To encapsulate, Internship is not just 3 months tenure, but a ticket for landing up in one’s dream company. It is like a footprint in the sand, which signifies the journey taken. Internship teaches the value of time and work, self-analysis, how to drive oneself and most importantly: trying till you succeed. All in all, this internship was a lucrative journey for all the interns and taught them various things all together, significantly the potential they hold.

Manpreet Kaur