Factors Leading to Drugs/Substance abuse

By Administrator 123erty

From the onset of the civilization, the one evil which has always made intrudes into the society and has tried to strengthen its roots is the drug abuse or substance abuse. Actually we cannot categorize a drug as a social evil but it is the human behaviour and his psychology of overdoing something which he has always loved. It is this greedy nature of humans which has deteriorated everything which is around him. But I do not want to move away from the topic which is drug abuse. So, what are the factors which lead a human to take so much of hallucinogens in his body that gradually his body becomes a home of poison?
• Curiosity of experimenting with a new thing which he has not tried before. Being curious is not bad and even trying out a new substance is not evil because if you have not experienced anything in personal about something and then making opinions and judgement about that is a complete hypocrisy; but making a habit and doing it regularly is what I would consider evil because from experimenting you would have got to know about the mistake which should not happen and to do it knowingly again is just unacceptable.
• Some consider it is a mark of showing social rebelliousness. Being neglected from society or not agreeing with the terms/rules of society, they want to break free from that and take shelter in drugs which are extremely harmful for them as they abuse it beyond boundaries.
• Some people do it to only show others how cool they are in a group and they do not realise their stupidity until they become addicted to it and their life is ruined due to this. This kind of behaviour is extremely ridiculous as they do not think before doing those actions which are going to harm them in future.
• Some people who are already involve in alcohol abuse want to take the sensation of being high to another level. So, they do get involved in this and get addicted to it and their rate of falling addicted to drugs is really high as they are already involved with an abuse of another evil that is alcohol.
• Some people suffer from low self-esteem and their way of countering it is to get high by taking illegal drugs as they want to break the shackles which they have themselves woven around them. This kind of behaviour is not acceptable from any means as coping up with a dark side of theirs by moving in the arms of another evil is completely wrong.
• In this modern world, the leech which is sucking everyone around us is stress. In today’s world, the level of stress is extremely high in all parts of life. But some people take drugs for countering it which is wrong as they do not realise that slowly they would get addicted to it.
• Some people who have suffered some trauma or some childhood abuse become prey of this evil as to move away from the memories of their abuse which is not appropriate.
• Some people do not want to live in reality as for them reality is completely painful and they do not relate to it and want to move away from it by taking illegal drugs and escape to their own world . These kinds of people should realize that they are not moving to any fantasy world of theirs but to dark tunnels of death.
• Some people who suffer from some kind of psychological distress also get involved in substance abuse. But they do not realise that by doing this they are only worsening their condition.
So, these are some factors which lead a human to carve for drugs. But people suffering from drugs/substance abuse should not be reflected and need to be admitted to a rehab. There is a misconception in dealing with an addict that drug rehab is something shameful which is completely wrong. Drug rehab should be considered as a form of medical treatment and if drug abuse is not treated it leads to various health issues and even death. In serious cases of drug abuse and addiction the firm answer can only be drug rehab. So, an initiation should be there from people to cure our society from this evil.

Rohin Khoshu

SCIT MBA(ITBM)2013-2015