an atheist

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Live like there’s NO such thing as god..


People from every religion claim to have personal experiences that manifest their beliefs, whether it’s the warmth of God’s love or the cool knowledge of a moral lawgiver. clearly, these mutually exclusive revelations can’t all be correct.


its atheism  because:

any & all claims of and explanations for the existence of God or any other gods have thus far fallen far short of my standards of evidence.

my understanding of the natural universe is that it functions in such a way that doesn’t require (or indicate) the presence of any supernatural entity intervening in either the laws of nature or selected peoples’ lives.

That’s it. They are the only two things that I can say I absolutely have in common with any other atheist. In matters of sex, politics, architecture, gaming, interior design, pets, music, clothing, hobbies, language, philosophy, education, sports, typing speed, preferred drugs, affinity with beagles & frogs and any number of other categories I may be diametrically opposite to any other atheist in the world. To label one atheist with the same attributes you label another atheist is ignorance at best. But all of us, if “atheist” is to mean anything at all, do not accept theistic claims.

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