Drugs-Fighting An Elephant With A Flyswatter

By Administrator 123erty

Drugs-is it high society stuff???I had been to a pub in Bangalore. Some guys and gals in early 20 s were enjoying to the fullest. Then suddenly I was surprised to see which my eyes cannot believe. A guy went to a corner and started taking some powder into his nose. I used to see it on movies but I got the live show. What is this going on???A youth….They are the nation’s future. If they indulge in this way then in our dreams only India will be superpower. Then I thought what I can do. I didn’t get a chance to do anything at that time now due to my mistake I got a good chance to write a blog which may directly or indirectly reach out to the mass.

I am asking a question. Whether it is the responsibility of the government or the narcotics agencies or the people to stop this???It is we who can stop it. Even if government or agencies make hundred rules unless a human being himself is not concerned about it, it’s not possible. The network of addicts is so vast that these rules are like Flyswatter to fight an Elephant.

Drug use usually starts as a form of rebellion, be it against mom and dad, your own friends or society as a whole. Ease of access only increases the likelihood that someone will make an uninformed decision and light up their first joint, smoke their first bong, or worse, pick up their first needle. What is this rebellion???If you are not happy or frustrated with your life or you want to enjoy the fullest Is this the right way to get your life on track, end your frustration or enjoy your life.

From bang and  charas up to opium, Mother Nature’s gifts us in plentiful and of high quality here. This presents a problem that just can’t be swept under the rug by carting out a few kilos of seized hash, opium or heroin and saying that drug use is being effectively combated. The reality is that drug use not only continues, it is diversifying. Cocaine and ecstasy are easily available to those who can afford those, while cheaper drugs or other ways to get high. Even a poor thief can get these drugs at a cheaper rate.

 “I never imagined in a million years I’d be selling my body for drugs…I’m still doing it now… I’ve nearly been killed three times doing [prostitution]. I’ve been raped doing it.. as a result of that I got HIV doing it. But it’s easy money.”

These words belong to Angela (not her real name), 38, speaking to a NGO. Is this what we do for drugs??? A survey shows almost a quarter of needle users first shot up before they were 18. Half the users didn’t know what AIDS even is.

Why the people of this country don’t understand the effects of this abuse???This makes them addictive, decreases their ageing and affects the body as a whole.It requires too much focus on people who are not a societal issue. Just like cigarettes and alcohol, or for that matter coffee, tea, candy and sugar, addiction is a self-inflicted problem. Many users, especially with ‘soft-drugs’, never go down that rabbit hole.

Its high time now to do something for the nation and for this drug addicts. Regulation would eliminate the parallel economy, and along with the tax revenues on such a commodity, would bolster the economy. Those revenues are genuinely new and untapped. They could be used for development, or drug and alcohol awareness.Also, it would reduce police corruption and force them to actually fight crime instead of rounding up a few token merrymakers who apparently present a threat to the law and order situation with a couple of beers. At-last it is the human himself to understand himself and do good for himself.


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Aditya Padhy