Day 11- Independence Cup

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After a whole tournament played by students, finally a day came for all the finales. With half of the students injured while playing tournament, the finale seemed to be a challenge for students. But what we saw on the ground, was complete contradiction. Students came not only with their sportswear on, but with sportsmanship. They were as excited about finale as about a fact that tournament came to an end., reason being the hectic schedule during the tournament.
So, the first match on the day was semi-final volleyball match between Division D Seniors Vs Division D Juniors. Seniors batch came to support their batch mats and similar with juniors. Excitement could be seen on their faces as Juniors try harder to defeat Seniors and with their efforts they managed to win the match, which lead them towards finale. The finale was the next match played between Div. D Juniors and Div. B Juniors. With each team playing cautiously, Div. B finally won the match with just one last goal in their favour. The third match was between Div. D juniors and Div. C Seniors. Seniors were very well prepared for the match as it seemed. They grabbed each opportunity to not let juniors grab scores while batting. With their cautiousness during bowling, they seemed to be very confident about winning the match. But, juniors, without losing their focus, kept on trying. With a few strategies applied on the field, from close tight overs, juniors gave a much tougher fight than seniors had expected. But the last over, not being in favour of juniors, made seniors win the match. So, the cricket finale was won by Div. C Seniors, who were joined by the whole division on the field in their victory celebration.
The next match was cricket match played between Div. A Senior girls and Div. B Senior girls. Div. B senior girls won the match with good batting players who helped them have good runs in the basket.
Match 5 of the day was a basketball semi-final match between Div. C Juniors and Div. D Juniors, which was won by Div. D Juniors. With a win in basketball, Div. D Juniors were confident in playing finale of the match. With this, their match against Div. A Juniors was not a hard task to do, although A juniors fought to their level best, but Div. D Juniors snatched the opportunity and won the match.
The last match of the day was the most anticipating football match between Div. D Seniors and Div. D Juniors. The crowd gathered at the ground to cheer up their respective teams. Cheering created a whole new aura amongst students. With Div. C Seniors having one goal at their credit in the first half, Div. D Juniors were giving their best to have equal goals, but Div. D Seniors had strategized it so well, which lead them win the match against Div. D Juniors. Also, the chess finale was won by Swaminathan from SCIT 2015-17 batch and table-tennis finale was won by Ajitesh from SCIT 2016-18 batch.
All the seniors gathered at the ground once all the matches ended, but despite their winning most matches against juniors, they tried to cheer up all the juniors, and succeeded at it immensely. With seniors, as well as juniors, celebrating the end of Independence Cup 2016, everyone segregated.