Dattansh ’19

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Dattansh – The data analytics conclave was held on 23rd November. It mainly revolved around the evolution of data. As the current era is the age of data or the “Data Yuga”; where everything is about data. The conclave revolved around the fields of Data Sciences and Data Analytics. Insights from data is being used in decision making, building smart vehicles, robots and powerful systems. We had industry experts who shared their views on the Data Age.
The keynote speaker of the day was- Mr. Anand Yashwanth. He explained the importance of Artificial Intelligence. He highlighted the fact that AI plays a major role in the business. AI has become the integral part of any organisation. Nevertheless, he explained the constraints of AI too.
The second speaker of the day was- Mr. Vishesh Agrawal. He briefed us about the technicalities of data science in different sectors. He also explained about a product named Vchip: Crop Monitor, which helps the farmers in many ways. One of the ways is by allowing the farmer to monitor the farm. And, he concluded the speech by advising students to invest in new technologies.
The third speaker of the day was- Mr. Gaurav Chadha. He highlighted the students on the concepts of Lean and Six Sigma. He introduced the students to a new topic named “Gemba”, which means place created in a particular field. He emphasized on a few tools used in business organisation.
The fourth speaker of the day was- Mr. Sanjay Hingorani. He spoke on the significance of the influx of data which led to the proliferation of data driven product development. He also explained about the product life cycle and growth of data in each phase. He concluded that there is a huge influence of data on any business decisions.
The fifth speaker of the day was- Mr. Vikash Singh. He shared major insights about the phases of analytics by stating an example about sentiment classifier from Microsoft Azure. He elaborated on the phases of data sciences and the time consumed. He suggested students few skills like AI, big data, R, Python which will help them in their career.
Towards, the end there was a Q/A session. All the questions were answered firmly by the speakers. The session provided students with excellent knowledge which would definitely help them in future.