CSAM 2021

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Finally, the wait for one of the most awaited events of 2021 was over. CSAM 2021, the two days mega event was live. CSAM 2021 was organized for creating cyber security awareness and the topic for the discussion was focused on “CyberVor (Cyberspace Survivor) – The Evolving Model of Rectitude”.
The day one of the event began with a panel discussion wherein Mr. Anirudh Duggal, the keynote speaker for the event, began by giving a brief idea about the product security, cloud security, IOT, all while citing his experience and past cyber-attacks to emphasize the necessity of security in maximizing business value. Mr. Shyam Sundar Ramaswamy, Ms. Shivani Sharma, Mr. Vikas Kedia, Mr. Lalit Popli, Mr. Shomiron Das Gupta, Mr. Kushaagra Mehra were also the part of the panel discussion and shared many insights about the cyber security that helped the participants in gaining more knowledge and insights about the cyber security.
Mr. Kushaagra Mehra efficiently moderated the panel discussion, all while asking interesting questions to the panellists. He also discussed policies and regulatory frameworks along with Social Engineering and Trick bot. The panellists shared a lot of interesting and informative things. Mr. Shyam Sundar Ramaswamy talked about the dark web, guarding the domains and predicting the possible threats that might hit the cyber world, macro, and how it is being evolved. Ms. Shivani Sharma said “People are the first line of defense” and talked about governance risk and discussed creating awareness at the organizational level and training people. Mr. Vikas Kedia talked about mobile related threats and discussed the purpose of an app and what permissions are suitable for that app, shared insights about how smartphones are at high risk of being hacked. Mr. Lalit Popli talked about machine identity which is far scarier than human identity, start-ups as a place where security comes last, shared insights about the security in an organization. Mr. Shomiron Das Gupta talked about cybersecurity and its loopholes and how human errors may lead to big impacts. He stated that we are moving forward to joint points to see the bigger picture to prevent these loopholes. This information shared by the panellists was extremely helpful for the participants.
By giving the vote of thanks, the Panel Discussion of CSAM 2021 wrapped up. The session was extremely insightful and a lot of information was provided. The second day of CSAM 2021 was full of interesting events. The first event was ‘Cyber Trivia’, the second event was ‘Cyber Runner’, the third event was ‘How long will you survive?’ and the fourth event was ‘Capture the Flag’. On the second day the panel discussion was all about women in InfoSec. The moderator asked questions to the panelists about various things, like how the women managed to be successful in the field with family commitments, what motivates them, how their career path was and many more.
CSAM 2021 was organized successfully and it provided a lot of informative insights about cyber security. CSAM 2021 was full of interesting events, panel discussion and a lot of information that helped the participants and students to gain a lot of knowledge about cyber security.