Chennai Express to SCIT !

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“WL 3” read the status of my train ticket just 12 hours before the departure of my train and I knew for sure that I was going to miss the induction ceremony of SCIT.
How it all began !
I am from a small town called Trichy which is 300 odd kilometers from Chennai. I have a bi-weekly train from my place to Mumbai through Pune. Having made the reservation for my journey a month and half before, I wasn’t worried regarding the status of the ticket. Little did I know that my train would have the perfect crowd who had carefully planned their journey and cancellation wasn’t part of the their agenda. Alas ! It was the day of the journey and my ticket was still in the waiting list and I had to miss the train.
Chennai Express
Chennai is where I had to be for my next train. After a mammoth task of reserving seats in a train through the TATKAL system of IRCTC I was good to go. Yes ! It was Chennai express. It was a day’s journey from Chennai to Pune and I was lucky to have a wonderful and entertaining crowd with me and my journey was a breeze.
Pune and finally SCIT !
Pune greeted me with a mild shower and a pleasant whether. I finally reached SCIT ! “The joy of achievement after a struggle is always boundless” so was mine. My first day in SCIT kicked off with the staff introductions and the Director Dr.Raman addressing us. After hearing them out, I was sure that I was in capable hands. All the staffs had rich experience both in corporate and teaching sectors and I was sure I had chosen the right institute.
It had been ten days now since I joined SCIT and SCIT never proved me wrong. I am proud to be part of the Symbiosis brand and particularly an SCITian. Looking forward for an eventful two years in SCIT !