Carbon Footprints “Save Our Mother Earth” Guest Lecture

By Administrator 123erty

On 28th August 2019, a Guest Lecture was conducted on one of the most vital topics that is Climate change and Carbon Footprint. Dr. Priydarshini Karve, CEO of Samuchit Enviro-Tech. She has worked in Rural Technological Institute and helped rural people in cooking with equipment that reduced the pollution associated with wood fires. She has also won many national and international awards for her contribution to society. The most recent addition being, the World Tech Award. 

Dr. Priydarshini Karve started the lecture with a wonderful introduction about how our climate is being affected by green-house gases. She explained certain key concepts of Green House gases and their effect on climate change. She detailed how carbon dioxide builds up   and has a negative impact on our environment. She stressed on the need to understand the nuts and bolts of the problem as to why carbon dioxide is building up. Dr. Priydarshini Karve helped us to realize that impact climate change is a major global threat to human civilization. 

She also explained how nations worldwide are trying to achieve environmental stabilization. She illustrated examples of the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement. The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which commits its Parties by setting internationally binding emission reduction targets. The main aim is to achieve the “stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent any kind of interference with the climate system. She also explained the impacts of climate change. 

She provided highlights of the nations who have a high percentage share of contribution to the greenhouse effect. So, to reduce this Dr. Priydarshini Karve stressed on the concept of Carbon Footprint management and went on to explain how carbon footprint can be estimated and how can we use this concept to reduce our contribution to combat global warming. She emphasized on the fact that this is only possible when people of our planet come forward and contribute for our environment. She also shared her personal experiences and explained how important it is to educate people about this. The fact which was emphasized was that sustainable development is important and the need of the hour is to prevent the misuse of resources and instead use them judiciously as Mother Earth cannot sustain this rapid utilization rate of resources for the long term. At the end of the session she addressed questions of the crowd with respect to climate change and carbon footprints.