Blood Diamonds

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Slavery is prevalent in human race for a long time. People were made slaves for majority of nefarious purposes. Diamond mining is one of such reasons. Mostly observed in african countries where people were slaved by despotic rulers and terrorist groups for mining of diamonds. These diamonds were sold for huge capital and the same was used for funding terrorist activities. As this process involved the misery , toil , sufferings and blood of the people , these exploited diamonds were termed as ‘Blood Diamonds’.

The places involved were Angola , Sierra Leone , Zimbabwe and Congo.This matter was unearthed before the world by reporters secretly working in Africa. Later many countries banned the import of diamonds including the United States of America.United Nations included this matter in their agenda. African slaves were saved and protected.Government certificates were stamped on legitimate mined diamonds.In the aftermath the world knew this matter through media. Journals were published. Even blockbuster movies were made on this topic.

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