An Unpredictable Turn of Events

By Administrator 123erty

If anyone had told any of us in January that our lives as we knew it would be different in the coming months, things, amenities and activities that we took as a part of our daily routine and mostly for granted would be considered non-essential and as a luxury would any of us have believed them?

Yet here we are, almost three months into a lockdown brought on by a deadly global pandemic that brought life as we knew it to its knees. During this period, we all have had to adjust in a myriad of ways; grow in ways we thought was not possible and let go of everyday habits and behavior patterns that were common place.

Students were one of the communities that had to undergo a drastic shift with regard to how they cope with these new changes. Classes, exams and internships were all converted into the now prevalent online and digital format. It was most definitely a tall order to adjust to this situation for everyone; in fact, people still have difficulty adjusting to the scenario even with an unlocking of the economy taking effect.

How has this impacted the academic and interning process you ask? There is no fixed answer to that question. It is as they say, to each their own. Every individual has been affected by this in their own way, we cannot put a label on it and hope that one solution will fit everyone addressing their specific problems. Rather we must take note of the fact that these are trying times for all of us, armed with this knowledge me must do everything in our power to ensure that we are building an environment where we can safely tide over these immensely difficult times.

It will be a gross understatement if we do not acknowledge that things will be different from here on out. Hence, we must ease into the new normal while taking note of how our lives are set to change, we can emerge as winners in this scenario only when we support and help build each other up.