A Step ahead to New Journey…

By Administrator 123erty

Finally Dream has taken his place !!! It was wow moment for me when I saw the Offer letter from ‘SCIT’. I was very excited carrying mixed emotions in my heart. I was the first one who took the key of B-615 and having a lots of queries in my mind as it was the first time for me to have the hostelite life.
I dropped my luggage in my room for Bed-3. I was about to wait to see my roomies but in some time we went form hometown journey as I wanted to have those 2 days with my parents. When my mother saw the room she was very much relaxed and she liked all the arrangements in the hostel rooms.

Then the day arrived 5th June “Induction Program” and I was a little bit late to this program. In a hurry I went into Parent section and listening to Dr. Dhanya Mam’s presentation it was so amazing n inspiring. During lunch time I was in search of my roomies and on other side same thing was happening. In post lunch sessions, we have been introduced with Teaching Staffs n Non-teaching Staffs.
Finally I entered into my room and got to know my roomies. We had little bit discussion and I met few of the friends near by room.

The day of “Suryshibir Program” has started in the 6a.m in the morning. We have been divided into 4 buses as per division wise. The feeling was like when anyone is on the way to fly for Onsite carrying a lots of excitements. We have been introduced to different 4 staffs. One of them was Kernel Lal, which is used to call me Miss.Kolhapur. From that day, I have started being known as Miss.Kolhapur. The activities arranged by whole Outfit Team was very good. In these 2 days program we got to know many friends from other divisions also. I personally think that this type of activity should get arranged by every MBA-ITBM Institute. Thanks to SCIT accepting me as part of “SIC University” in the form of seed of SCIT Batch-2015-17.