Batch 1113 at SCIT – An experience to cherish!

By Administrator 123erty

Exactly two years back when I joined SCIT, the first function I attended here was bidding a Good Bye to the then batch at SCIT. So the real journey began with the induction for this batch and slowly, I started connecting with SCIT.

These 2 years have been an incredible ride! And today the bond with SCIT gets still deeper enough to call it Nostalgia……!

With MRA we learnt the bonding concept and to appreciate the fellow mates, and an experience to cherish! Back at SCIT, and the brainees Devesh and Priyanka were often seen scratching the books instead of their heads.

We saw elegance and sincerity redefined in the form of the most elegant lady Pooja Sheth and the quizzers Akash,Nikhil and Vaividhya brought us glory through the prizes they won.

As time progressed Tanishk started appearing as a guest to the regular lectures. We also tried answering a question that does Arjun Agarwal ever answers questions or only keeps on asking questions? Because his one last question never ends!

We got to see what does an easy-going  disposition means with Chandra  handling the admissions team and Akashdeep and Anupam running a marathon of sports events.

I thank the Reflections team for giving me a platform to endorse my creativity – through a poem. A big thank you to Sree Saran for handling tactfully the pagal guys!

We thank Ayan for always being  just a click away and for featuring and directing all the beautiful videos. Keshavi,Clevin,Anil,Aniket and Divya rocked us by their band of music.

While the  nautanki on the streets continued with Deeksha, Prachi,Kaustubh and the Eklavyas, a knowledge based Drishtikon was being shared by Avichal and the team.

A special note of appreciation to our international PGDITBM student Yamamoto and to Victory who made SCITians to conquer hearts bestowed with love.

The seeds of entrepreneurship were seen sprouting in the self driven iTELF Team with Tejas, Reshmi,Hemant Sahare,Achal,Madhur and Nitesh.And with Niladri, Mubaid grooming as entrepreneurs was a feather in the cap.

Thank you Evonix for the makeover to the SCIT website and for all the viral video fevers like Kolaveri and Admissions at SCIT.

I would also like to appreciate the efforts of Parag and Rohit working in the team of Graffiti.

Ashish,Mansi Purohit and Mamta were seen taking ahead the baton for the Social Responsibility, while Shruti and Smriti were seen facing an identity crisis on the campus!

Thanks to the food committee for all the festive cuisine treats that we got,be it Ganpati, Onam,Holi, Pongal or Lodhi. Thank you to all the ARs and CRs for bridging wonderfully the gap between academics and the students.

And last and can never be the least, I cannot dare to forget the Roji-Roti team of SCIT,the lifeline of SCIT –ofcourse PLC . Thank you Harsha, Pratik, Sahil, Saily, Mayank and the entire PLC team for working day and night liaising with the corporate.and thank you  Sandipan to make us wear the Goldman’s sache.

While the above were just some glimpses that flashed to me in the nostalgic journey, nonetheless I have no second thoughts in mentioning that we also saw everybody in the 1113 batch contributing in priceless ways for SCIT.

In the end I simply wish to quote Albert Einstein, who said, “Try not to become a man of success but a man of value”.

Thank you all for being my students!

-Apoorva Vikrant Kulkarni.