SUR Executive Committee at IBM

By Administrator 123erty

Dear All

The IBM Shared University Research (SUR) Awards is a worldwide equipment award program designed to
promote research in areas of mutual value and interest to IBM and universities.  The SUR Awards program strives to connect the research and researchers at  universities with personnel in IBM: in organizations such as IBM Research,  IBM Life Sciences, IBM Global Services and our development and product labs.  This program is not aimed at supporting a single individual or research project.  Rather, the intent is to support and have an impact  in an area of significant interest to the university and IBM.





Dr. Urvashi Rathod

I am very glad to inform all of you that Shared University Research (SUR) Executive Committee  at IBM has approved an award to SCIT (under SIU) to support our  proposed project on Software Defect Analytics to augment DevOps Strategies.


Dr.Sudhir Sharan

The project proposal was submitted by Dr.Urvashi Rathod and Dr.Sudhir Sharan,  both are Professors at SCIT.

Thought of sharing this news with all of you!!

Dr Raman
Director – SCIT and Dean – FoCS