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A dream come true day in my life

My first day at the pioneer institute for information technology – “THE SYMBIOSIS CENTRE FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY  is the day for which i was been dreaming for almost three years to experience. My aspiration to do my Masters in Business administration started only after I completed my  Bachelors of Engineering in one of the best institute in Tamil Nadu Coimbatore Institute of Technology. Similar to the most of the students

My First day at SCIT !!

It was 9 o’clock in the morning when I arrived at the hostel D of Symbiosis campus o.5 km away from main campus on 4th of June. I filled the hostel registration form and received my room key from hostel employee. I kept my entire luggage in the room and rushed back to college to receive my temporary I-card. Thereafter, we were supposed to attend an Induction program at 11AM. It was

My First day at SCIT

It was morning 8’o clock when I reached at my city of dreams which was pune where our renowned institute Symbiosis is situated. Reached  hostel and took  rest  for a while as and when I woke up. I was in search of my bournvita…..I  was  finding  my mother  here and there but no one was here?? I felt it would be very tough for me to be here but was

Analytics – The Buzz word

MBA(ITBM) program helps students to become industry ready. In present day scenario Big Data and Big Data analytics are the real buzz words. Data analytics jobs are of various types including Big data analytics, web analytics, marketing analytics, system analytics, analytics consultant, financial analytics, investment analytics, business analytics, and so on. Those aspirants who are interested in the field of analytics have a lot of scope and demand in various