Women’s Self Defense !!

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Women are viewed as inferior in India so they are living in constant fear of being sexually assaulted. Each and everywhere there are rape cases and molestation cases. It has become daily things to us. A new rape case is reported every 20 minutes in our country. Men showing their strength killing us cruelly. Don’t we have the minimum civic rights to move everywhere freely? Still we are advised how to be dressed, whom to talk, where to go. Criminals are moving freely without any fear. Women are not safe in India though their situation has improved.

Now, in the 21st century and India has celebrated over 60 years of independence. But the harsh fact is that Women are not safe yet. Not in their mother’s Womb nor outside. Even today if the family hears the news of new born baby as a girl child they lie shattered instead of celebrating the event they mourn for it. They blame the mother for the same. But we know that mothers are not responsible for sex of the child. In order to prevent the risk of getting a girl child, the family undergoes Sonography and girls are killed if the sex of baby is female. And because of all this the state of women in India is very depressing.

Hence, we women now learn to protect our self rather than teaching the men to respect us. Doing something is better than doing nothing. There are some effective self-defense moves where we can defend our self.

Tips to protect yourself in case of distress:

Claw the eyes: Defend by pretending you are a tiger and scratch your attacker’s eyes in a raking motion. Your eyes water and often you can’t see properly. Eyes are sensitive – we all know that. Defending by clawing the eyes will give you time to escape.

Blade strike: Use an open hand to defend yourself and strike the outside edge of your hand to your attacker’s throat.

Nose strike: If the attacker is close in front of you, use the heel of your palm to strike up under his nose; throw the whole weight of your body into the move to cause the most pain and force him to loosen his grip on you. If he’s behind you, you can strike his nose (from the side or front) with your elbow.

Don’t be frozen by the shock of being hit, pushed or having your hair pulled. As a woman in a self -defense situation don’t get emotional. Try to keep calm.

Use everyday objects: Everyday objects you carry around with you or things in your environment can also be used to your advantage as weapons. Hold a key or pen between your middle and ring finger while you’re walking home in the dark for more assurance. Outdoors, you can toss some dirt or sand into your attacker’s eyes. Women are often told to spray perfume or hairspray into an assailant’s eyes. Always carry pepper spray in your bag. The point is, use whatever you can to make your defense stronger.

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