Why Old Age Homes ??

By Administrator 123erty

Published On: August 5, 2013Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Why Old Age Homes ??

Today, the world’s changing. With the increasing population no., upgrading technology and changing lifestyle, the generation gap’s also increasing. As a fact of this more new families are moving towards nuclear family living, than having a joint family. Thus at a grown up age, when the children starts earning, they move to their personal lives leaving their roots that is parents behind.
Having no support, parents are forced to move in old age homes.

Old age is known to be as second childhood of a human, but cared by children. But with the increasing generation gap, new customs; the new generation don’t want to spend their life with parents, though that’s the time when they are needed most. They push their parents to live in old age homes. Though, in old age homes they get that support and care but they miss that personal feeling that they were used to when their children were dependent on them.

So, one should not leave their parents at the time when they need their children, the most. It’s the duty and responsibility of every son and daughter to care their parents. One can never pay the debts of father and mother, neither with money nor with luxury but just love.