Tree Donation Initiative

By Administrator 123erty

Published On: August 31, 2016Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Tree Donation Initiative

On 13th August, 2016, SCIT-ISR group members went to a school to donate a few of plants and trees that students planted to support environmental health benefits inside the campus. The reason behind donation was made as SCIT-ISR team members got to know about the need of a few institutions to provide their students healthy and fit environment. All the students who were a big part of Green Magic initiative taken under SCIT-ISR committee, showed their interest in donating plants to such institution and the next initiative of donation took place immediately. With proper guidance from Mr. Saravan Krishnamurthy and Dr. Sudhir Sharan, students were able to arrange the donation plan earlier than expected despite their hectic schedule. All the team members filled the trunk with plants that had to be donated and left the campus on earlier basis. As soon as they reached the school campus, two of the team members went to principal and informed them about the arrival. The principal of the school came to welcome all the students whole heartedly. Not to mention, how special students felt at that very moment. Afterwards, students took the plans out of the trunk and placed all in the school campus. School students, who were very curious when we entered, were excited as they saw us working with plants and they immediately joined all of us in the work. With the help of school students, SCIT-ISR team managed to complete the task in less time and they returned to the campus. SCIT-ISR team members were quite unaware of such requirement of any institution and felt evenly responsible about it. The happiness could be seen on their faces as they could be the change by being socially responsible. We wish to be helpful to the society in all the possible way and we’re sure SCIT-ISR is the medium to fulfil our that wish.