Trade Monitoring

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To keep the ball rolling, another guest lecture was organized. Mrs. Arunnima Chauhan was invited to give her musings on Trade Monitoring to fellow SCITians. She is currently working in Accenture UK. She’s an enthusiastic business analyst who likes analyzing and troubleshooting complex data issues on her workdays. She has been awarded the Accenture ace award in the past. She is also a sportsperson and likes playing badminton and chess. She has worked in trade monitoring solutions for 4 years.
Mrs. Chauhan started the session by briefing the students on what trade monitoring is and giving some insights regarding its history. She elucidated the importance of trade monitoring. The first reason being reputational risks so they try to prevent any damage from happening as customer’s trust is very vital and essential. Another being internal controls as if anything goes south or any malpractices are unnoticed then the company may have to cough out a huge amount of money as a penalty. So, with these in place the environment is in control and knows the whereabouts of the employee or anybody associated with the enterprise or the business and be prepared for any questions regulators may have for them. She proved the aforementioned points by stating some examples of British petroleum, and JP Morgan.
Mrs. Chauhan further proceeded to clarify Risk Signatures and different sets of activities that manipulate the market like Wash Trade, Spoofing and Layering, Front Running, Ramping, Marking the close, and Quote Stuffing. She unraveled each of them with some examples.
She shared what she had done in her career. She dealt with lots of transactional data that included market data, orders trade data, and positional data and what domains she covered like crude oil, etc. She explained all with an example and made her point understandable. She illustrated why a BA should have IT and IT landscape knowledge as that would help in the long haul.
Eventually, she generously and serenely tended to the questions which the students had in regards to Trade Monitoring. She further delineated the various jobs and duties of a specific post and guided the students in vocation ways.