Somethings we can’t ever seem to get right…

By Administrator 123erty


  1. How many times to call a person back after they hung up on you in anger
  2. The perfect cozy-under-the-duvet AC temperature
  3. That one drink to stop at to avoid the hangover the next day
  4. How to deal with those who annoy us, without letting them affect us
  5. The optimal number of shoes to pack on a vacation
  6. Accurate microwave settings and timings
  7. How short to cut your hair before it becomes too short
  8. Whether to reply to a text message signaling the end of a conversation, or not reply and be labeled a snob.
  9. The exact volume to set on the TV without having to readjust it every few minutes
  10. How many cheese puffs to have before you feel sick
  11. How more-or-less frequently must you text the person you’re thinking of all the time
  12. Knowing exactly how many onions will constitute one kilo – to avoid the vegetable seller seeing right through your n00b-ness
  13. How much tip to leave after a meal – without hurting server sentiments, and your wallet.
  14. What unusual time to sleep at night so you wake up the next morning and don’t miss your schedule.
  15. That one song when someone asks you what’s your favorite song.
  16. Whom never to trust too easily, and whom to dare trust with you life.


-Apoorv Siloiya (MBA-ITBM 2013-2015)