Rape:Was it “her” fault?

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Do you remember what happened on the night of 16 December 2012 in Delhi?. The incident which left the whole nation in utter shock. In which a girl was brutally gang raped by 6 men in bus throughout the city. The girl died, fighting for her life, because of the torture these monsters did with her.

It happened… She suffered… She died… We all spoke for a few days… Protested for a few days (like always)… And now what!

        A lot more things like this one happen every day. Thought of asking everyone…
Was it all “her” fault?        

Did her choice lead to her rape? Did it happen because she was drunk? Is it because she walked alone in the dark? Or is it because she wore that mini-skirt? Or because she opened the door for him? Or is it because she loved him, she trusted him more than anything?

I am sure, most of you might be agreeing with these factors or you all must have got many more…

Strike these thoughts from your mind. She has the right to drink. She has the right to go on a walk. She has the right to dress however she wanted. She has the right to trust him. She has the right to make own choices.

But no one has the right to perpetrate abuse against another. No one has the right to rape her.No one has right to destroy her life entire life.

You would say, it is she who has to protect herself. Absolutely right! But I would put it in a different manner… “There are things they can (and should!) do to protect themselves, but the only person who can prevent rape is the rapist himself.

Rohit Khadke

(MBA-ITBM 2013-15)