Pen and paper take a back seat

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Communication and networking remain the only things that will never age along with technology and the likes. Websites like Google, Facebook, Linked In etc, are thriving on this concept alone. But there are two side to this coin as well.  As we grow and develop into a global village, financial assets, currencies and confidential data are compromised as they have all been digitize d and put on Information systems across the globe. Pen and paper take a back seat and information is now stored in data houses. The risks grow consequently. Means of transaction of money between bank accounts and transfer of valuable data are targeted and realized by hackers around the world. They benefit from this and a proper approach followed thus could cause a security incident like every year, that shakes the entire IT world in its aftermath. Nevertheless , all in all, as a scientist, I endorse the view that says ‘make the most of what you can be’ and strive towards the unfathomable horizon.

Bipanjot Singh

SCIT MBA(ITBM)2013-2015

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