Outbound programme experience

By Administrator 123erty

Our outbound programme was scheduled in the first week of our foundation course. It was two days of fun packed activities at Surya Shibir. Surya Shibir is an adventure resort set about 50 kms away from Pune nested in the Sahyadri valley. We set out for our trip on an early Sunday morning. The Out-fit team at Surya Shibir had planned an itinerary for two days of team building activities and cultural activities. The first activity in our schedule was trekking.

The trek to the adjoining hills was amazing. Not only was it a physically demanding and challenging activity, but it also thought us about team building. During the latter part of the day we had an ice breaking session where we learnt about each other’s hobbies, interests, achievements and educational background. The day ended with a cultural programme.

The next day kick started with some competitive activities at dawn. It was followed by a case study and a banner game. There were also some adventure activities like valley crossing and single rope bridge crossing.

The day ended with discussion about the key learnings of the entire outbound programme. The programme helped us to get to know our peers better, it helped us promote creativity with inputs from all members of any team and to develop problem-solving skills. It also helped us develop effective communication skills. We returned with great memories and lots of learning points.