NOW – Present is Powerful

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The Past has already passed away…….

Tomorrow  is a distant dream…….

Today is a gift….and that is why it is called PRESENT  !!!!


How many times in our lives we have come across these lines, little realizing the potential of their inherent power.

Today is the best day to start afresh, with a new dream, a new vision , and a new action Plan…!!

All we need to do is take the learning from past experiences, coupled up with a sincere and dedicated approach and nothing in the world is unattainable.A consistent outlook from our side will clear the road to a better tomorrow…the tomorrow of our dreams …!!

We cannot escape the results of our actions nor can inaction get us anywhere. Even Lord Krishna in Bhagwad GITA Chapter2 verse 47 has aptly said:

“karmanyevaadhikaaraste maa phaleshu kadaachana |
maa karmaphalaheturbhuu maatesangotsvakarmani ||”

meaning that a Person should neither desire nor repel away from the fruits of his actions, nor should his mind be rooted in inaction.

Krishna exhorts all human beings to never fail the call of Duty and without worrying about the results of  his actions, just march on…..

Our thoughts,plans and their cumulative actions will  materialize into reality only if we demonstrate an unfailing commitment for their purpose. A single track mindset filled with passion and motivation will set the battlefield and the only objective left with the person is – just go and conquer it….!!!!



Khushboo Srivastava

MBA(ITBM) 2013-15