Naxalism- Are We Fighting Our Own People?

By Administrator 123erty

Naxalism finds its origin in the split of two parties CPI-M and CPI-L in 50’s.Naxali’s have an ultra-leftist ideology.When the movement started it was a retaliation against the government and the exploitation lower cadre was facing in India.
But today it has changed to something else.Something which is really horrible and so bad that they have been declared as a terrorist organization under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act of India (1967).Daily the newspapers are clad with crimes committed by these naxali outfits,whether it be a murder or kidnapping.
The problem here is that these naxalites are not foreign elements,they are our very own people who may have some genuine issues which need to be addressed.The path they are taking is definitely wrong but there is a need to understand the problems which the people choosing to opt naxalism are facing.
I am writing this at a time when there is an anti-naxal environment in the whole country,following what has happened in last four to five years.But try to give a thought,there is a high probability that you will also second my thoughts.

Amber-SCIT MBA(ITBM)2013-2015