My first day @ SCIT..

By Administrator 123erty


This is Ketan Koul,  now student or can say a family member of Symbiosis.. it was 3rd of june, when i reached the campus sharp at 2:00pm.. The campus looks awesome, then i go to registration desk for the registration. After registration, they told me that 1st year boys hostel is outside the campus.. that time i was shocked.. then me and my father took auto rickshaw and went to boys hostel i.e Hostel D.

The hostel looks good and the rooms too… but in room there was only bags of my room mates.. no one is in the room, that time i was curious to know that.. who are my room mates…. how will be their nature and vice versa… after spending an hour in the room, me and my father went to the campus and then i register the room for my father.. they provide me the keys of hostel which is in the campus…

What i will say about that hostel room… i seriously feel like that i am in hotel… the room was beautifully set, everything was nice.. in night at 9:00 pm me and my father decided to take some meal.. so we go to the dinning haal and ate whatever was there… i say the food of the campus is  much much better than my house food..

After taking the meal, we decided for walk, we walk for around  45mins and came back to the hostel. My father decided that i will stayed with him till he go back.. so sleep there with him..

Thats how my 1st day of scit pass away…..

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