My First Day in Symbiosis Campus

By Administrator 123erty

I sat, a witness to the on-going debate between apprehensions and aspirations on the way to my next destination, SCIT. In the background ran another train of thoughts, self-congratulations and then the what-ifs that haunt every student. The college gates were a welcome sight indeed. Polite smiles were exchanged and formalities completed efficiently. So far so good. Following the schedule set by the university and also adhering to nature’s demands we entered the dining hall and were in for a surprise. It was hard to believe that hostel food could be so delicious and nourishing. Many lost looking faces with or without anxious looking parents were fumbling around asking for help, directions or discovering their own. The induction program answered some questions and raised others. Nearing the end of the day I sat at Symbieat, the hang-out place of the campus, chit-chatting with new classmates, instant acquaintances or long-time e-buddies(future classmates who were discovered over the internet). Funny how people feel different in person than on social media platforms. Lira and Dinar (not the currencies), the adorable campus pets acted like stress absorbers. The fish aquarium in the campus, the areca palms and the omnipresent greenery have a calming effect on the tired students. The library, my favourite place in any college campus was a pleasant surprise. Not only does it have subject related books but a whole collection of different genres too. The view from my room was as unexpected as it was welcome, a flame tree to look at while sorting my inflamed thoughts. This was a short account of my first day @SCIT. Over the period spanning a month, having seen various facets of the campus, I’d say it is amazing yet stressful, it is organized and chaotic, there are surprises and shocks, the days are exhilarating and wearisome in equal measure. I am not trying to become the next Dickens, this was just the prologue of my life at SCIT and there are many unwritten chapters yet.