My first day in Symbiosis campus

By Administrator 123erty

The morning of 5th June was quite different from my usual mornings in Pune. The usual would be getting up around 9.30 , lazing around for a bit while and then get started with the daily routine but today it was something special. Today was my first day of post graduation course, my first day in symbiosis campus. I had gotten up early and had packed a brand new notebook , a sparkling new pen into my brand new sling bag. It reminded me of the  days when we went to school with  our new fancy lunch boxes and water bottles . It was silly but still I did the same for college .

When I reached the campus , I reminded myself that this is my new home for the upcoming two years . I was pretty nervous as I knew only a couple of people . Moreover I had planned to shift to hostel on 5th itself so I did not know many people as well. We had the induction ceremony starting at 10 am so I went in the auditorium . The availability of a few familiar faces came as a relief to me and I sat with them.

The induction ceremony started and it was wonderful . We had an inspiring introduction by our honorable director Dr. Dhanya Pramod . I particularly remember her one sentence that we must not forget who packed our parachutes . We should be striving towards success but in the process we must not forget the key people , our parents , teachers who are  helping us to achieve our goals. After the induction ceremony , we went for a brief lunch . After the lunch we were introduced to our faculty and staff. It was good to know our teachers and I was surprised by the amount of experience and knowledge they had .  We were also briefed about our college facilities  and it was good to know that i don’t need to rely on the neighborhood medical  store or scout for a doctor nearby. The college had a dedicated health care center. The swimming pool and the gym already earned some brownie points from all of us.

By the time , the program was over, I had introduced myself to all my neighboring girls in the auditorium. It was the first day  , yet everyone was so friendly. It was the time I was away from my family , had recently left a job and was in an entirely new city with totally new faces yet i felt welcomed. My first day in symbiosis campus was coming to an end and I had already made new friends . I am sure , in coming months , I will enjoy myself more in this wonderful campus.