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“Where no counsel is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety”
Proverbs XI/14.
The Mossad, also known as the institute for intelligence and special operations is Israel’s national intelligence agency which was formed on 13th December 1949. It was then called the central institute of co-ordination. The name was changed to Mossad on 01 April 1951. Mossad was established by then Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, who gave as Mossad’s primary directive: “For our state which since its creation has been under siege by its enemies. Intelligence constitutes the first line of defence…we must learn well how to recognise what is going on around us.”
Mossad is responsible for counter terrorism, covert operations, intelligence collection and protecting the Jewish community in and beyond the Israeli borders. Tamir Pardo, the 11th director of Mossad reports directly to Benjamin Netanyahu (Israeli Prime minister). Mossad is known for their ways of executing espionage operations and protecting the Jewish population across the world. They are the most feared intelligence agency in the world. It is said that the spies working for Mossad are present in every country and hence they are considered to have the most widespread intelligence network across the globe. They are known for their stealth operations which are conducted in a way that makes it impossible to track it back to Mossad.
Mossad has a special operations division known as Metsada. Metsada conducts highly sensitive assassination, paramilitary and psychological warfare projects. They have a research and a technology department which solely works to create advanced technology and weapons to support Mossad operations. The agents working for Mossad are trained very well in military warfare. Their spies are trained to easily blend in with the general public and are known for their secret ways. Over the years Mossad has executed various covert operations against terrorists and enemy nations. Operation wrath of God was one such mission which was targeted on the members of Palestinian terrorists group Black September who were involved in the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre where 11 Israeli athletes were murdered. The operation lasted for 20 years in which all the people involved in the attack were killed in various parts of the world, one at a time. Mossad sends a strong message to the world through its operations: Attack is the best defence when it comes to protecting one’s nation against its enemies.

Tony James

SCIT MBA(ITBM)2013-2015