Messaging Apps – Analysis of Features and Some facts!!

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  • whatsapp

Worldwide Users: 250 million monthly active users June 2013
Supported Phones and OS: iPhone, android, blackberry, nokia s40, symbian, windows phone
Features: In addition to basic messaging WhatsApp users can create groups, send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages.
Head quarter Location: USA

  • wechat

Worldwide Users: 300+ million , 190 million are monthly active users.july 2013
Supported Phones and OS: iPhone, android, blackberry, bb10, windows phone, nokia s40, symbian, web
Features: video call, voice chat,
Head quarter Location: China

  • Line

Worldwide Users: 200 million global registered users july 2013
Supported Phones and OS: iPhone, android, windowsphone, blackberry, nokia asha, mac oc x, windows, windows 8 modern UI
Features: voice video message, voice calls, well known for stickers
Head quarter Location: Japan

  • Hike

Worldwide Users: 5 million registered users may 2013
Supported Phones and OS: iPhone, android, windows phone, nokia ovi, balckberry
Features: SMS,voice messages
Head quarter Location: India

  • Viber

Worldwide Users: 175 million users feb 2013
Supported Phones and OS: iPhone, android, blackberry, windows phone, nokia symbian, bada,windows, mac os x
Features: voice video calling, in app telephony(switch to regular call from app itself)
Head quarter Location: USA

  • fb messenger

Supported Phones and OS: iPhone, android, blackberry, windows
Features: do you want a fig for facebook? O.o
same as fb chat except you can not make video call

  • hangouts

Supported Phones and OS: iOS (iPhone, ipad), android, chrome
Features: hangouts(video voice call & group chat), on air hangout(live on youtube), screen sharing(as of in android), sms(normal charges apply),

Google Owns it

  • skype

Worldwide Users: 800 million users, with some 280 million monthly users
Supported Phones and OS: iOS (iPhone,iOS(iphone, ipad, ipod touch), windows & modern UI app too, mac OS, linux, windows phone, android, blackberry, kindle fire, TV, homephones,playstation
Features: voice video calling, video messages(credits required after 20 messages)

  • bbm

Supported Phones and OS: blackberry, (iOS & android launch expected in september)
Features: can’t say what features will be included in iOS & android app. at present it has voice video calling, screen sharing

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