Life@Hostel-A new experience of living

By Administrator 123erty

I had never been to Hostel. Now that i got admitted in SCIT, i got a new experience of living. First thing that flickers through my mind when I think about hostel is the late night chats, long gossip sessions, jokes that makes us roll on the floor laugh and so on. For residential students, hostel is definitely a home away from home.. Its a place where you get inspired and also you inspire others. Studying in a group with hot cups of coffee and Lays packets that gets empty as soon as it is opened, occasional jokes to overcome sleep, with a soft melody playing. Then, of course the wonderful bunch of people who make you feel worthwhile, who add bright colours to the white canvas of your lives, who hold your hand when you need support, who help you in studies and loads of assignments and home works that goes without saying. It is definitely a place where a sense of brotherhood, mutual cooperation and healthy competition is nurtured.

Hostel life gives you wings. We become our own masters. We learn to manage everything ourselves starting from washing clothes, managing pocket money, managing time and studies. Thus hostel life brings out the manager in you in spite of strict rules and regulations.

The things that you get to learn in hostel are endless, fitness tips, early morning jogs and number of languages from students from far north east, the south. Hostel gives you a glimpse of the great Indian diversity.

Hostel life is like the two sides of a coin… Its a place where you can enjoy life. But at the same time you also tend to hold on to wrong things, smoke in one hand and bottle in the other. There are chances that you may get negatively influenced by people and finally end up in tears, loose hope and end up being depressed thinking about the opportunities that you did’nt explore despite its knocking at your door.

For me hostel life is a treasure trove of memories thats gonna last a life time. Life has presented me with such memories because I imbibed good from everyone. It made me practice never to take negative things about someone other than their positive things, because if you think negatively about a person and talk to him, you would always think whatever he does is wrong.

So its upto us to choose head or tail because the probability is equally likely.