Let the Greenery Rise!!

By Administrator 123erty

Published On: July 27, 2013Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Let the Greenery Rise!!

Pollution is one of the most serious issues the world is facing today. There are various elements that are polluting out ecosystem like air, water, soil and sound that has caused serious damage already. We pollute the land by throwing plastic covers and non-biodegradable wastes and even burn wastes instead of recycling it which could benefit so many people.

The biggest irony of all this is that though it is the earth that gets polluted, ultimately it is man himself who’s digging his own grave because pollution not only spoils his own health but also worsens his quality of life.
Now there is an even bigger danger called climate change. The things have got unpredictable like the frequency of droughts, floods has increased and also rainfalls. Pollution has lead to global warming which has disturbed the global climatic pattern. Things have got to such a level that life on earth itself is under threat.

We can tell as many people to stop doing such things and “Go Green”. And this is possible for all the youngsters do spread the word and keep in mind that “Green revolution is the best solution to remove pollution”

Vineela Kanpala MBA(ITBM) 2013-2015