Guest Lecture on ‘Server Log Analysis’

By Administrator 123erty

SCIT Guest Lecture Committee invited National Investigation Agency’s consultant, Mr. Abhishek Kumar to brief us on ‘Server Log Analysis’. As we belong to SCIT-ITBM program, it was our prime concern to be aware of such cyber frauds occurring in the industry, and of the different ways to tackle it. One of the ways to trigger this problem is ‘Server Log Analysis’.

Mr Abhishek Kumar, who currently works as a consultant at ‘National Investigation Agency’, also known as, NIA. He began with his introduction, followed by his passion to his admiration. He also informed us about a few parts of his beginning his career at Haryana Police Academy to being a part of a highly-reputed agency, National Investigation Agency.

He, at first, began with information security and its demands in the market. We were introduced to how any malicious code may enter the URL and hack the account or deface websites. This was followed by the different ways to insert any malicious code to remote accounts or URLs. With information on what cyber-attacks are like in real world, he guided us on how an attack may happen. One of the ways to enter malicious code is ‘SQL injections’. The problem stated were then, followed by the solutions to it. He did mould problem to the solution side, that is, ways to tackle cyber-attacks and reach to the culprit. Different Algorithms are used to create hash values, which makes data less prone to the hackers. With the aim of achieving this, the number of insertion of malicious content to URL or system can be reduced, and so can be the number of cyber-crimes.

An informative session that added values to our knowledge from an industrial perspective. Also, he made sure to let the session be as interactive as possible. Thus, he continuously made students stay engaged into the session, as well as showed a few things live on computer regarding tracking IP addresses. Certainly, SCIT brought to us one of the most suitable persona for the specified job, who could be dealing with such issues on a regular basis.

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