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By Administrator 123erty

Guest lecture committee of SCIT arranged a guest lecture on 24th January 2018 regarding Cyber Security Challenges of Disruptive Technologies and its Implications on National Security. Speaker of the guest lecture Lt Col P J Anandkumar is currently Cyber Security Officer at College of Military Engineering. He started his lecture with basic concept of security and how disruption triggers technological advancement and security upgradation. He spoke about RMA- revolution in military affairs. RMA is the military concept of revolution in military about the future of warfare and related to technological and organizational change in the militaries. He spoke about different military concepts and existing concepts like OODA LOOP and technologies like BFSR. He explained the concept of network centric warfare and how war weaponry systems are operated in an integrated manner. He also spoke about robotics in military and raised concerns about absence of law for operating robots. He also shared swarm robotic system proposed by his team for Indian military. After covering these security concepts and devices he moved on to cyber warfare. He spoke about hoe STUXNET worked. He enlightened the need of comprehensive cyber and IT security systems, processes and regulations for India. He informed about many advancements in top militaries of the world and how India can conquer the shortcomings. He urged students to work for national security of India through technological advancement and security awareness. Students were very keen to know the Indian military approach in the field of information security and asked many questions to the speaker. Lt Col P J Anandkumar shared his word of wisdom in very interesting way and ended his session with amazing videos of new Indian military technologies. Overall session was very informative and students enjoyed it very well!