Graffiti’17 – Theme Launch Event!

By Administrator 123erty

Graffiti, just as everyone knows has been the flagship event of SCIT, and the excitement to make it huge starts months before it is held. The unity in the batch can be easily seen as everyone competes to take the grandeur of the event a level higher than their seniors. The seniors who succeeded immensely at their endeavour, keep juniors motivated with their support.

With only quarter of the effort on the table, came the Theme Launch day. An evening was planned with as many surprises and power-packed performances. At a fixed time given, students gathered and occupied their seats at the staircase in front of Mess. The curiosity about the theme had created a lot of fuss so indescribable. The time and aura was set quite appropriately in the campus.

The event began with an eloquent hosting by Merlin and the first performance, solo dance, was by Vinita, who has been an all-rounder of the Juniors batch. This was followed by a chit round. Yes, the way I mentioned it here is quite less mysterious than the play there. Random names of the students were written in the chits and whoever’s name comes in the selected chit, has to perform in front of the audience. Rupayan Ghosh’s prayers went unheard and he had to come to the stage to sing a song. Now that song was sung, dance was mandatory as well! ‘Symbeats’ entertained audience with everyone’s favourite songs.

But once most of the Bollywood things, games, singing and dancing is done, we certainly had to have a stand up show in SCIT. Surprisingly, we didn’t know we had a Kenny Sebastian fan, Shivank, who had spread laughter in the campus beyond the expectations of the crowd. This got followed by Shubrojit, who sang a beautiful Bollywood song and received audience singing with him, making the performance go chorus from solo. A wave of unity! Then came a dance performance from Sandeep that ended up in his batch mates joining him on the floor at the end. SCIT also has got female stand-up comedian, as mentioned earlier, Vinita, an all-rounder of the junior’s batch, had come up the stage and did set it on fire with her second performance.

This brought an end to the students’ performances and a start for the theme launch video. The way crowd appreciated the video was incomparable once the theme, Emblazon, Glorify Your Presence, was out. An entertainment of the evening had set the whole campus in vivid colours, making it a lot livelier.
Junior Main Co-ordinators, Apurva Ojha, Rohan Chitambre and Mahesh Pokkali came to the stage right after the performances end. With a pull-over for a gift, they called up on stage Senior Main Co-ordinators, Shreyash xxx, Jayant xxx, and Fenil Gandhi, and gave it to them, expressing gratitude for the help and guidance from them. Senior Main Co-ordinators, who felt overwhelmed, went on to thank all three Junior Main Co-ordinators for their way of managing and coping up with everyone.

An evening ended with a rocking DJ from DJ Sush, and this brought an end to the Theme Launch eve. We wish the Graffiti Team good luck!

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