First Day @SCIT

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I have never been away from my home since the day I was born (not even for a sleep over at my best friend’s place) but finally that day came when I had to leave my hometown to pursue my masters at mighty mighty SCIT !! There were mixed emotions: excited , nervous , sad , enthusiasm.

This morning was a bit different than usual, as I had my new college to attend. I woke up early, which was quite unusual. I had to look 1 kg pretty than I looked everyday so it took me more than my usual time to get ready. I arrived at the SCIT campus with my parents on 4th June, 2015 to register myself. The highly awaited MBA life got kick started as I unpacked my stuff in my hostel room. With a view of campus from the window of my room to my two roomies (Roopali and Saringni), I thought hostel life would really be fun.

Going through the seminars and speeches, have always been boring. But the orientation program was really impressive and informative. Those inspirational speech for running after your passion and not money made my mind much clear about my objective in life. I am really proud on my decision to join SCIT. And finally the moment that I hate the most had arrived. It was the time for my parents to leave for Delhi. I still remember how I was crying as if I am 4 year old kid who has been forced to go to school. Some valuable advice that I got :
Be careful here. Don’t go flying off the end of the pier. Enjoy your newfound freedom but remember that with freedom comes responsibility. Even though we won’t be around to follow up on your loose ends, you shouldn’t let things go completely.
Take your meals on time.
Don’t go out of the campus after 6p.m. ( LOL)
Have faith in yourself and never lose your confidence.
Etc etc….
I am reminded of the rule book every day on call.

This journey has started and I am sure it will bring new challenges and some awesome moments that I am going to cherish for the rest of my life.

With each passing day , I am realizing that going to college is as much about finding out who you really are as it is about getting that degree.

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