First day @ SCIT

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Published On: July 6, 2015Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on First day @ SCIT

This morning was a bit different than usual, as I had my new college to attend. I woke up early, which was quite unusual especially after the 2 and half long years of distace from college.

Once I entered the SCIT campus, I was welcomed by a big bunch of friendly faces of fellow students (all thanks to Jan Koum,Mark Zuckerberg that we were able to connect through whatsapp, FB).Many very friendly and helpful staff members were around to guide us around the building and tell us where we should be. The first morning in itself was very organised.
We also had an introductory talk by the Director,Vice chancellor welcoming us to SCIT, and explaining what we should expect over the next several months we are going to spend as a part of the SCIT family.We also had a chief guest from KPMG, to advise for starting up our journey to success.On very first day we were told what corporate world expects from us after 2 years and how do we have to groom ourselves in coming time.
There were enough breaks during the Orientation programme to give me a chance to talk to a couple of fellow students, so when we were told to break up for lunch, I already had a new friend to go have lunch with – and it was a lot of fun! We spend an hour or so getting to know each other, and we even got a couple of people to join us, so we immediately felt much less nervous about the whole “first day at a new college” thing. It was lovely to chat with someone who was in the same boat as me, and I think I will remember this particular lunch for the rest of my life as one of the most calming and happy lunches I have ever had.

I felt a rhythm of life and returned to room with a mixed sense of duty and liberty!