Entrepreneurship and Social Impact in the Post COVID World

By Administrator 123erty

To give the students the various perspectives of entrepreneurship a guest lecture on the topic ‘Entrepreneurship and social impact in the post COVID world’ had taken place on 06th September 2020. The distinguished speaker of the talk was Dr. Abhinav Mathur. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Million Sparks Foundation (MSF). He is an experienced veteran in the field of entrepreneurship. Also, he had done his Ph.D. from IIT, Delhi, and MBA from IIM Lucknow.

He started his talk by explaining entrepreneurship as – it’s all about finding a problem and solving it in a manner that an individual believes it should be solved. He urged students to build a strong network and to seek people with whom they can collaborate and learn something new. He stressed on the fact that practical knowledge of the business world is as important as theoretical knowledge. He emphasized ‘unlearn something you already know and learn something you don’t know’. He also shed some light on how in the present time of COVID the non-profit organisations are facing funding issues and people are not able to contribute to the NGOs. He addressed students that to start a new start-up just put all the hard work and efforts without thinking about the size of the business. In the field of entrepreneurship, he mentioned that the most important thing is business agility. Agility can assist you maneuver market change, adjust products or services, or plan a strong way to successfully launch something new.

To conclude, he shared several amazing stories of his journey and how he had overcome all the problems in his entrepreneurial journey. He further inspired the students to chase their passion according to their abilities. The speaker told students that it’s necessary to realize that there are many obstacles along the way, but you shouldn’t give up. With a will, trust, and determination, you can defeat anything. The session ended up with the question-answer round. It was an insightful and interactive session.