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Published On: July 28, 2013Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on “DRUG:YOU USE -YOU LOSE”

No drug user grows old; because they die young…Drug use is a life abuse! 

ECSTASY DRUGS are the most common used drugs by the young in the ‘rave’ parties.These drugs cause feelings of euphoria and closeness to others. These drugs have very different effects on the mind and body of the person. It causes higher body temperature, less stress, anxiety and fear. When taken in high amounts , it causes death of the person taking these drugs. These drugs are highly addictive and they dull the understanding senses of the person.These are  illegal in many nations under the United Nations agreement. Statistics show that  around 1 person dies out of every million that use these drugs.

So , Stay drug free and be the best you could be.SAY NO TO DRUG.. and SPREAD this Message

Jyoti Saini , MBA ( ITBM ) (2013-15)- SCIT