DRUGS – Attraction of the society or Bane to the society ?

By Administrator 123erty

Drugs – Whenever one hears this name, first impression one gets is of young people taking harmful substances like heroin, cocaine etc. Many of today’s youth find it all right to do drugs. In fact, they find it interesting and think that it will win them ‘fan following’ of their friends. Everyone of these people know the drawbacks and ill – effects of drugs, still not caring for their future, they intentionally do drugs. Various ill – effects of drugs include cancer, blood and lung diseases, mental disorder or even death. As these drugs are costly, in order to buy them, people and specially youth go to the extent of stealing, robbing or looting. Mostly drugs are done to avoid frustration or to enjoy life. Later on, they become a habit and people spoil their life because of drugs.

The society should have a positive view for this thing and those addicted should be provided proper medication facilities to overcome this harmful habits.

Rahul Dhotre MBA( ITBM) SCIT 2013 -2015

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