Review of the book – THE WORLD IS FLAT

By Administrator 123erty

When i was in my second year of engineering , we had a guest lecture delivered by the CEO of a company called Calsoft. He mentioned about your book – THE WORLD IS FLAT and urged all the students to read it.  I immediately bought a copy and started reading.

The author has touched all the areas concerning the economy and business of this century, mainly IT area. I was highly impressed about the knowledge and the research the author has done on the subject. His opinion on every subject along with style of writing is fantastic and very adorable. I have certainly gained knowledge of not only the current trends in world economy but also of what might happen in the future and how it is going to affect us as nations , organisations and individuals. Author’s brief description on every subject relating to the world becoming flat gives a very clear and vivid understanding of how one should and must prepare himself / herself so as to be able to compete with the person sitting next to him and the person sitting in some other country or continent. His analysis of how governments and private companies are currently performing , what mistakes they have done and how they can tackle future risk and manage them properly clearly shows the amount of effort and the kind and nature of study you have put in, in writing such an extra-ordinary book ! The pros and cons that would happen to countries, companies and individuals by bringing down the walls ( by flattening of the world ) and by erecting the walls ( by non-flattening of the world ) are also properly mentioned. It was kind of any exciting journey of the future.

Rahul Dhotre MBA(ITBM) SCIT 2013-2015

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