Drug Addiction

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People often wonder how other people become addicted to drugs. The basic thing that hits people’s mind is that the person on drugs might be lacking will power or lack moral values so he is unable to quit, but that is not the reason. Drug addiction is like a disease one cannot quit even if one wants to until he takes proper treatment and lead productive lives.
People voluntarily begin with drugs but with time they get addicted to drugs and with time it hampers the persons ability to control themselves from taking drugs.

Fortunately, treatments are available to help people counter addiction’s powerful disruptive effects. Research shows that
combining addiction treatment medications with behavioural therapy is the best way to ensure success for most patients.
Treatment approaches that are tailored to each patient’s drug abuse patterns and any co-occurring medical, psychiatric, and
social problems can lead to sustained recovery and a life without drug abuse.

Some people get addicted to drugs while some others do not. There are many factors that contribute to persons addiction to
drugs such as Age, Environment, Stage of Development etc.

Drug Addiction can be prevented by making individuals perceive drugs as to be harmful. Education and outreach are key in helping youth and the general public understand the risks of drug abuse. Teachers, parents, medical and public health professionals must keep sending the message that drug addiction can be prevented if one never abuses drugs.

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