Capital Market Awareness by BSE

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Published On: December 13, 2017Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Capital Market Awareness by BSE

Under the initiative of the BSE Investors’ Protection Fund, an awareness session on Capital Market was organized at SCIT, on 18thNovember, 2017. Mr.Pankaj Mathkar, from the Bombay Stock Exchange was the guest for the event. Mr.Pankaj Mathkar conducted a very informative session for the students on Capital Market and the Stock Exchange. The speaker started off with an overview on the Securities Market and went on to describe the existence of BSE, since its inception in 1875. He threw light on the various regulators of the market like SEBI, RBI, DEA and DCA. Further, he elaborated on the various offerings of BSE, which makes it a market open to the common men. The concept of Mutual Fund was also a topic of discussion, for the session.

The speaker also made the audience aware of various redressal forums, guarantee funds like Trade Guarantee Funds, Investor Protection Fund and investor rights, and other that’s in favour of the investors. The market dynamics and the ‘T+2 settlement’ system in stock exchanges were also explained in simple terms for the benefit of the students.

The speaker concluded the session with sharing some valuable insights on Financial Planning with the students. He discussed the various motives and justifications for why it is necessary to have a strong foothold on one’s financial and investment decisions. The session left the students pondering on strategic and prudent financial goal setting.