Breaking Bad

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Breaking Bad

You are a kid and you don’t like the smell of cigarette, you don’t like the taste of alcohol cause its bitter but what is it that that changes when you become an adult? Is it the work/study /social pressure that make people fall for drugs or is it just a onetime thing at a party which later becomes an addiction because of its hypnotic effect. Growing old is a beautiful and a gratifying time for some adults but a nightmare for those who are lonely and sad, As a result, alcoholism and prescription drug abuse have reached epidemic proportions among this population.

According to a recent study by United Nations: People take drugs to change the way they feel, think, or behave .Earlier most of the drugs used were made from plants, such as the coca bush for cocaine, opium poppies for heroin and cannabis for hashish or marijuana. More recently, drugs such as ecstasy or LSD are produced by synthesizing various chemicals in the laboratories.

Drugs can be detrimental in a number of ways, through both immediate effects and damage to health over time. Marijuana is consumed heavily in India and mostly by youngsters cause of its easy availability and affordable price, even occasional use of marijuana affects rational development and short-term memory. In addition, the effects of marijuana can affect the way you think and fetter your reflexes which result in accidents.

More than a million heroin addicts are registered in India, and unofficially there are as many as five million. What started off as casual use among a diminutive population of rich spoilt youths in the metro has permeated to all sections of society. People who are poor indulge in all kinds of illegal activities to earn money to buy these costly drugs. A man beating his spouse to extort money from her so that he can buy drugs is not a new thing in India. People have started consuming heroin intravenously using injections that too in combination with other sedatives and painkiller cocktails. This has increased the intensity of the effect, hastened the process of addiction and complicated the process of recovery.

Drugs have not only made people poor but killed most of them, Drug addiction causes immense human distress and the illegal production and distribution of drugs have bred crime and violence worldwide. Symbiosis (SCIT) recently organized an awareness program which was very informative and really changed the perspective of the students reinforcing the fact that these substances cause damage to the society. If each one of us decides to stay away from these banned substances then the term like “Drug abuse “would soon become a history.


Anand Laghate ( MBA ITBM -2013-15 )

PS: I have titled the blog as “Breaking Bad” based on an English TV soap which portrays the grey shades of Drugs and its abuses.



anand.laghate-SCIT MBA(ITBM)2013-2015